Refund Policy

The reclamation procedure

Courses sold on our online platform represent a type of delivery of digital content that is not delivered on a permanent server but rather online by means of displaying lessons, videos, audio files, quizes and games on the platform.

The company Kampster LTD does not take any responsibility for the buyers mistakes, products purchased by mistake or any other mistakes that refer to their actions when purchasing on the Website and in such cases reclamations are not possible. If you come across any irregularities when purchasing courses on the Website or in case you did not get the purchased course, please contact our customer support at or dial +381 62 777 244 and we will make sure to remove those irregularities so that you can obtain the purchased course.

If you want to start the reclamation process, it is necessary that you e-mail us at with the reclamation request.

In the case of refunding, the buyer who previously paid with any of the payment cards, partially or in its entirety, and regardless of the reason for refunding, that refunding is done exclusively through VISA, Maestro or MasterCard payment card used for payment. This means that our bank will refund the customer on their payment card account upon our request.

The right to refund

In the case of quitting the course or dissatisfaction with the course, the customer has the right to claim the refund if the reclamation has been submitted within 7 days from the day of making the payment and if not more than 30% of the course has been covered. The rules cannot be waived due to the policy of paying the authors and mentors of courses on the Astrosymbolica platform. The exchange can be made either for another course which is in the same price range or cheaper or by paying the fee difference for a more expensive one. The request can be send via e-mail at

The expenses of refunding

The expenses of refunding the products and money are covered by the buyer.

When entering the payment card information, the data is directly put into the PCI certified platform by means of the latest tokenization system. At no time does the trader have the access to the payment card data.

Upon entering the payment card details, please click the button below and wait for the system to process the information. If your card is registered on 3D-Secure services, you will be asked to identify yourself (most often by entering the password) during the process. In the case you do not know your password, we suggest contacting your bank first.