Terms and conditions

Registration and Use

According to the Consumer Protection Act, minors and fully legally incapacitated persons cannot make purchases remotely, only their legal representatives can do so. Warning: Children under 16 years of age can only order in the presence of their parents or legal representatives. The user is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the entered data when registering. In the event that any changes to the information entered in the registration process occur, the user is required to immediately update their account so that Astrosymbolica will be notified of the changes made.

By using the Astrosymbolica online sales outlet for online education at https://www.astrosymbolica.com buyers are obligated to comply with the following terms and conditions. In case the buyers do not agree with the terms herein, we ask them to refrain from using this site. Astrosymbolica reserves the right to modify or terminate any business segment, availability time, content and offer published on the websites listed above at any time.

Although Astrosymbolica tries to provide the best possible offer of services, it cannot guarantee that services at https://www.astrosymbolica.com will suit customers’ needs. Furthermore, Astrosymbolica cannot guarantee that the service will be free of errors. If an error occurs, we ask customers to report it to office@astrosymbolica.com so that it can be removed in the fastest possible manner.

Access to the Astrosymbolica platform may sometimes be disabled due to work, maintenance, or introduction of new content. The user agrees not to reproduce, perform, use textual audio and/or video content, sell, resell, commercially or otherwise use the products or any part of the products without permission. If you are interested in using a piece of content, contact us.

Methods of Learning and Knowledge Testing During Participation in Astrosymbolica Community Courses

The process of education is done through online learning. All the necessary learning materials are delivered to users on the learning platform, through which the process of knowledge testing and final testing is carried out.

Notification of students can be done:

  1. Via email
  2. Through the Astrosymbolica web page
  3. Through the learning platform
  4. By telephone
  5. By SMS
  6. By mail

Each user takes the course at their individual pace, completing obligations and progressing in the learning process according to their own abilities, wishes and plans. Only the start and end dates are binding.

The username and password are created for the user who enrolled in the course. It is strictly forbidden to forward this information to third parties. Any misuse will be sanctioned immediately.

The course user is obligated to notify Astrosymbolica about the change of any personal data while participating in courses.

The use of materials and services is under the personal responsibility of the user.

The manner of learning and knowledge testing during participation in the courses of the Astrosymbolica community

The user receives lessons and learning aids on the learning platform. The user does not need any additional materials to successfully complete an Astrosymbolica course, all the material is provided and accessible on the learning platform.

The learning material, depending on the course, contains lessons, practical assignments, tests, a collection of terms, recommendations for further training and other supporting materials. The user has an obligation to go through all the lessons. The user who takes the course has the opportunity to consult with the mentor and the whole Astrosymbolica community through the Forum at any time.

In order to successfully complete a course, the user must pass all knowledge tests in the course - depending on the course, those might be mini-quizzes, tests, ordinary tasks, interactive assignments and the final assignment. The user completes the assignments according to the instructions in the course and submits them through the platform. The course mentor is obligated towards the course student, after having checked the ordinary work, to reply whether the task was successfully done within 5 workdays, and in the case of the final task, within 7 days. If the task isn’t successfully completed, it is returned to the course student for revision. The task is accepted only after all the conditions specified in the task description are fulfilled. Any copying or unlicensed use of information is punishable by law and entails disciplinary measures against the user, which will be taken by Astrosymbolica against them in these situations.

After the expiration date given for following Astrosymbolica courses, all materials remain accessible to the course taker, which they have successfully covered up till that moment. Even after the date expiration, the course taker can access the platform, course, and Forum, but does not have the possibility of taking quizzes, tests, or doing tasks. The obligations of Astrosymbolica towards the course taker are no longer binding after the course expiration. The course taker has the right to buy the course extension if they fail to pass the course before the expiration date.

Right to Attaining a Astrosymbolica Certificate

Every Astrosymbolica course taker can receive the Course Completion Certificate if they successfully passed all the course lessons, successfully completed the practical tasks, and passed the final assessment test.

The electronic copies of the certificate are free.