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What will I learn?

Signs and symbols

It all starts here. To learn astrology and delve into its complexities, we must first master the features of each sign.


You have heard of planets, but how do they influence us? Their position in every sign and house tells the story of our life.


Houses represent the areas of our life in natal charts. In some we have planets, in others we don't, but they all have meaning you will learn to interpret.


Planets talk to each other through aspects. Are they in a conjunction, a sextile, a trine? Are they in opposition or in square? What does it mean?

Natal chart interpretation

Let’s put it all together: the signs, houses and aspects! It takes time to master it all and we will be there to lend you a helping hand!

Astro psychology

Listen to your clients carefully. Learn how to guide them towards their goals and advise them with empathy and awareness.

…and more!

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Astrology tells the story of the soul

And now you can learn to read, tell and interpret these stories.

You’ve always been one to look for signs?

We will help you put the pieces together.

Our specially curated online astrology course will help you build a solid foundation in Western astrology. You will learn all about the signs, houses, planets and astrological aspects. That is, you will gain the knowledge you need to interpret a natal chart through interactive and hands-on content, and with the support of a mentor.

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This is how we learn astrology

We asked the star signs to help us design the Astrosymbolica learning method,
and this is their masterpiece!

Immersive and powerful

AI-powered 100% responsive content, like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius would want.

Dedicated and supportive

Selfless mentor and community support is a must, said Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and we listened.

Interactive and multimedial

Gamification to keep you moving. You don’t have to be a Gemini, Aquarius or Libra to enjoy it.

Grounded in practice

Quizzes and assignments to broaden your understanding. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn’s orders.

Our mentors


Astrologer and Tarotologist

Livia is a social service worker with a master's degree in psychology. An astrologer and tarotologist, yoga aficionado and dog lover, Livia has been working with clients from different backgrounds for over 10 years.


Astrologer and philologist

Maya is a languages graduate and astrologer with many years of experience, who expresses creativity in her work with children, silk painting and creative writing.

All mentors

Learn with our many dedicated mentors-in-training.

With us it’s never just you and computer – our mentors are there for all questions, consults and clarifications to guide you on your journey of discovery. And if you are interested in becoming an Astrosymbolica apprentice, get to work and get in touch!

About us

Astrosymbolica is an interactive e-learning platform designed to help you acquire the essential skills you need to understand the planetary forces that drive our lives.

The birth chart is your unique astrological fingerprint. We are here to help you dive into the world of knowledge that you need to identify and interpret it - smoothly, interactively and collaboratively.

Astrosymbolica is a platform. Astrosymbolica is a community.

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